“Well if you ask me, Milo Deering “ain’t from around here!” I think he’s a spaceman put here on earth for us all to enjoy all of his instrumental expertise. He’s an amazing musician and an amazing person!” -Tommy Alverson

Milo Deering is a musician from the Top Shelf! His talent is the kind that make other players strive to be better, work harder or sometimes just quit! A gentle soul and a monster talent!” – Jack Ingram

From YouTube:

“Whew weee!!!…..as Bob Wills would say, ‘Man if I could pick like that I’d never hoe another row!!’ ” –Joe Long


“OK, Milo, just ‘fes up and tell us which galaxy you’re from! No humanoid can play that many instruments that well!” – Strickly321

“Milo! Your music makes me smile, tap my feet, and know that all is well with the world. Bless you and your music.” -1folkyguy

“Just where did you come from?” – Handsupbud

“Super Job Mr. D. Versatility at its peak. Love it.” -Quanah25

“Milo- your talent is such a blessing. I keep coming back to listen over and over. Amazing!”  -Aardvarkusrex

“That is the BEST OBS I ever heard…..I Quit”  -Robbie Clark

“I can’t think of anyone that could do this song better than You. Thamks for letting us know. In deep respect. ;-)))))))”  -MrRosendal2

“Perfect…what more could I say that hasn’t been said yet….?…Total Control…Five Stars”  -Adair Torres

“I am subscribing right now. In fact I’m going to build a time machine so I can subscribe yesterday.” –wesmatron

“Man I hope I don’t ever run into you in a dark bar room. Whew,you’re scary dude” –Celinabeth1

“Say Milo……..lay off  the Red-Bull. Damn man that is how the orange blossom should sound………superpicking”  -Ron Steenwijk

“I watched Hope Floats years ago and had to do a search to find out who that awesome steel player was, I respected his abilities then but never knew Milo was so multi-talented until today, he has more talent in his little finger than most have all together, I have a totally new respect for him.” –Steel0972

“You should have your own show on television!!” Awesome !!” –steelpicker11

“One of the best steel pickers i have ever heard” -Roger Berggren

“That’s what I call music! :D” -doomdayjudge

“Milo is one of the best–simply awesome!!”   -1pedalsteel