The Dallas Morning News – June 2013 Story on Dallas Producers

Dallas record producers spotlight the area’s vast local talent | – News for Dallas, Texas – The Dallas Morning News.

Milo Deering

Age: 60

Studios: The Acoustic Kitchen (in Irving), Audio Dallas

Years producing records: 10

Artists produced: Heather McCready, Milo Deering, Brice Beaird, Mark David Manders, Rick Babb

Acclaimed albums: Bluebirdy, Heather McCready; All Acoustic Christmas Jam Volume 1, Milo Deering;Rachel Goetz & Ghostown, Rachel Goetz & Ghostown.

Best-known song: “Clarity,” Heather McCready

Production philosophy: “People call me mainly for acoustic music, and that’s my forte,” Deering said. “If an artist comes in and they have a really good song, it plays itself. There is not a lot that you need to do to it. Giving attention to the song, the detail of the song itself, is the most important thing. I try to find the strengths that each individual artist has and I try to build on that. I use their strengths to build on my strengths.”

Instruments: Acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, viola, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, five-string banjo, bass, electronic programming

Caliber of recording artists in Dallas-Fort Worth: “We have exceptional caliber here. It is unfortunate that Dallas isn’t recognized as one of the serious music towns like Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles. If you look at the list of artists that have left Dallas to have a career, it’s quite impressive.”

Career highlight: “I just finished recording with Don Henley a country CD last summer. It will be a solo and duets country CD. I played steel guitar, fiddle and mandolin. I also toured with LeAnn Rimes for four years and played on five of her albums.”

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